The HS6601C is a single chip high performance which SOC solution for Bluetooth 2.4G systems, which integrate Bluetooth baseband with rich peripheral IO extension. HS6601C support 3 low power modes for energy consumption , this SOC target on wirelesstarget on wireless data transfer applications .

HS6601C on-chip Bluetooth system Compliant ompliant with version 4.2 and EDR function, support all Bluetooth standard 4.2 features. The chip integrate 96 Mhz MCU, GPIO, i2C, SPI, UART, TIMER, RTC, ADC, watch dog, support 16/24Mhz external crystal , integrate multimulti-purpose 10 bit ADC.


  • Compliant with the Bluetooth standardversion BT1.2, BT2.1+EDR, BT 3.0,BT4.2and Low Energy (LE)

  • SupportBluetooth EDR function, profile SPP V1.1

  • Bluetooth transceiversupport max to 7 dBm transmitpower, fast AGC circuit, digital tuning, improved anti-WIFI signal interfere, andRSSI outputs

  • Integrate high performanceRISCMCUup to 96MHzwith 48kBon chipRAM

  • IntegrateSerial Flash Memory Controllerand package 4MBitsSFLASH

  • Integrate3Industry-standard 16550UARTinterface

  • Integrate 12/24bit general-purpose I/O GPIO

  • Integrate I2C master or slaveinterface

  • Integrate 2way Four mode SPImaster orslaveinterface

  • Integrate on chip Watchdog to prevent system dead lock

  • Integrate RTC for keeping track of time

  • Integrate 3advanced-controltimers

  • Support deep sleepmode to uA level power supply